You really have to let Julie know just how accurate she is- my heart is still beating so fast- since her prediction came true! I can't believe it! She told me I'd receive a text this morning with the answers I sought from the man in my life. I hadn't heard from him for a while- there was no reason to suspect he'd text me suddenly this morning! But he did just as Julie predicted! Really, I am amazed at her insight. Thank her for me!
As you know I have spoken to Maureen on a number of occasions, and each time I have had a truthful reading. What I like about Maureen she doesn`t waffle to fill in time, she tells it as it is. She has been very accurate with things that she has told me. Maureen is one of those people who can put you at ease immediately, and I know that she is one of those rare people you can trust. Thank you so much for introducing me to her.
Well I've seen it all now! Your reader is without doubt the most accurate reader I've ever spoken to. I had a reading a couple of weeks ago, and I had no idea when I would see someone I care about again. Your reader told me at the time, that he would turn up on my doorstep on this exact date- and sure enough, a couple of hours ago, there he was, on my doorstep! I know who I'll be coming to for readings in future! Thanks!
Absolutely fantastic- not only was your reader spot on, but there was so much confirmation in her reading- at least nine examples that confirmed what she was saying was true and accurate. Her timings are brilliant, and she wasn't interested in keeping me on the line. Instead she just gave a brilliant reaing without prevarication. My reading was an absolute pleasure!
Very accurate- very good reading- Maureen gave me a lot of clarity which is just what I needed!
Your reader is an extraordinary multi talented psychic and has identified past, present and future events (which have come to pass) with such unbelievable accuracy.
I have had many readings throughout my life by many different types of psychics, but none have read with such precision and clarity as your reader, her foresight and guidance has been a major inspiration and her natural gift of addressing complicated and sensitive issues has saved me on many occasions.
Her visions are extremely vivid and her ability for predicting both future life and near relevant details of importance is a phenomenon.
I have been truly blessed to have contact with such a unique and exceptionally special human being and would like
to thank whispering spirits for giving me the opportunity to talk with such a professional.
Julie has totally blown me away! In her reading, she spoke of a connection with my grandmother, and was able to accurately describe things she could not possibly have known on her own. She described the tattoo on my wrist clearly, and spoke of issues around family members of which I was unaware, but having confirmed with them shortly after my reading that what she had been told was indeed true, I feel that her connection with my grandmother in Spirit was genuine. I don't know how else to explain it! I return regularly now as she is able to give me valuable insight when I need it most!
I want to thank you very much for my reading. I am just so delighted with it and I can't believe how accurate you are. So many things you mention about Eric and me are spot on. I really cannot thank you enough and your reading is worth every penny. It is beautifully written, so friendly and full of detail. I have read and re-read my reading since I received it, I really cannot thank you enough.
Ruth picked up on very subtle things and was very sensitive in the way she presented them. I think she's spectacular, world class in fact!
Your reader made some specific predictions, and I had my doubts at first. But sure enough, the problems with my bank card indeed came to pass, as did my house sale falling through, just as she saw. Even under pressure, she has made predictions that came true and I'm surprised at just how spot on she has been.

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