Rune Readings

Runes, or Runestones, are one of the most mysterious forms of divination rune-stone-readingsaround in the 21st Century. While they are easy to define, as symbols etched or written on material from the earth, usually clay, wood, stone, or twigs from a bush or tree, their meanings are less clear and more disputed than other forms of scrying.

Originating from the Middle East, connected with ancient scripts of the local peoples, including Sanskrit, they are known best in the Western World as evolving into the sets of Runes that the North European races and tribes used throughout the last 2000 years.

There are several different sets of Runes, that originate from different peoples and places of countries including Scotland, Denmark, Germany, and the Scandanavias, immortalised in many peoples minds by their usage in Wicca across the centuries, and more recently their inclusion in literature, The Lord of The Rings, by J R Tolkien, being a prime example, and Ralph Blume being one of the most well known writers on modern day applications for the symbols. This makes them a famous but often misunderstood form of divining. The Elder Futhark, forming 24 runes and an extra blank rune, are most often used when receiving a rune reading.

Their basic meanings are generally agreed upon between Runecasters, but opinions do differ as to how they should be read and used in Magick, and writers such as Ralph Blume have popularised their usage in the twentieth century, using them as meditative tools for self-help, which has in some respects, covered over their deeper meanings that originate in distant centuries.

As a form of fortune-telling, they are remarkable at describing the underlying trends that form a person's life, and situation, and their predictive ability is undoubtedly on par with Tarot or any other form of divination. They are used on talismans and in spells to invoke energies and bring about specific results in the world, and are a fascinating study for the willing student!

You can view the basic meaning of the Eldar Futhark below:

  • FEHU: Possessions, hard work, cattle, reward for energy expended
  • URUZ: Wild Auroch, freedom, raw energy, undirected but strong potential, good health and virility
  • THURISAZ: Thorn, catharsis, troubled times, hard lessons, suffering, difficulties
  • ANSUZ: Odin's Rune, teaching, learning, wisdom, harmony, receipt of divine wisdom
  • RAIDO: The chariot- travel, holiday, movement and change, rhythm, cartwheel
  • KEN: Torch, Burning flame, inspiration, lifeforce, passion, creativity, creative spark
  • GEBO: Union and sacrifice, partnership, duality, marriage, gifts, contracts
  • WUNJO: Joy, friendship, happiness, harmony, fulfilment, recognition
  • HAGALAZ: Hail, Uncontolled destructive force, weather, uncontrollable circumstance
  • NAUTHIZ: Delays, obstruction, confusion, endurance, survival, perseverance
  • ISA: Ice, blockage, numbness, stagnation, standstill, aloofness,
  • JERA: Harvest, Karma, Life cycle, peace and prosperity, hopes achieved,
  • EIHWAZ: Yew Tree, Protection, strength, defense, blessing in disguise,
  • PERTH: Dice cup, hidden things come to light, secrets, chance, feminie mysteries,
  • ALGIZ: Protection, shield, ward, awakening, reach for Gods,
  • SOWELU: Life force, lightning, health, success, victory, wholeness,
  • TIWAZ: Warrior rune, honour, leadership, battle, strength, masculine force
  • BERKANA: Birth, firtility, growth, regeneration, earth, family, prosperity
  • EHWAZ: Horse, transport, travel esp across land, steady change, successful marriage
  • MANNAZ: Self within a group, relating to others, cummunity, how you appear,
  • LAGUZ: Water, lake, water, flow, psychic matters, intuition, the deep
  • ING: Male fertility, gestation, end and beginning of cycle, the home, rest
  • DAGAZ: The dawn, gateway, transformation, decision, new beginning
  • OTHALA: Fixed assets, wills, legacy, spiritual heritage, source of safety



2019-10-19 11:09:02

Wow, wow, wow.  I called to the universe from the depths of my soul and was guided to Ralph at Whispering Spirits. No words can describe the profound resonance I felt and continue to feel from this life changing reading.

Trust your instinct, trust in divine timing and open to receive the healing waves of guidance and wisdom that Ralph can offer. I highly recommend Ralphs readings to all seekers of the truth. Blessed Be! M.

2019-08-20 14:07:43

The reading provided me with clarification on current events in my life but made specific predictions about things moving forward. This guidance is exactly what I was looking for and has given me hope for what is to come in the near future. The reading was profoundly accurate about some of my previous experiences and very thorough which I really appreciated it. They allowed me to ask questions for further clarification so you're not left wondering what everything means. I found Whispering Spirits in a time that I feel I needed it most, Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us - love and light to you all! Y. R.

Y. R
2017-03-24 19:01:37
Thank you for your reading- it was uncannily accurate in many ways that you could never have deduced as it is a far from ordinary situation I am in. I have suffered all of the things you mentioned & in the way you mentioned them. I am now hoping the positive things highlighted in you readings, will come my way! Thank you!
2017-03-24 19:01:08
Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant reading - very nice, accurate and encouraging! The reading was amazing!
2017-03-24 19:00:39
Hey there! I just wanted to say that Whispering Spirits is fantastic! The readings that I receive by text are very accurate. They give me hope and restore my faith! That might sound cheesy but its true. If you havent contacted them, then you should! You have nothing to loose. lotsa love, light and hugs Jane xXx
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