Cancer - October 2017

Hi there lovely Cancer!  Pluto is moving forward again in your house of relationships in October, so matters of the heart should finally begin to feel less pressured and more passionate!  Wherever he is, Pluto presents us with huge challenges to our security and sense of normality, so there are still many lessons to learn about love and how you depend on others to get what you need, but at least now you will make progress with some of those issues and will feel able to take definitive action.  Venus and Pluto are in trine from the end of September into early October, and this is a connection of intense expressions of feelings.  Spending time with your partner will be a deeply emotional experience at this time, and words and intentions will be expressed which may never have been revealed before.  Mars and Pluto will also link up from the 1st to 11th, a very committed connection which could lead to you making some very important promises in support of the one you love. 
The Moon will be full in your career sector on the 5th, a chance to really take stock of where you have come and decide on your next step.  If this isn’t the road you want to be on, you will feel it strongly at this time, and may find yourself in a period of reflection over what to do next.  It’s never too late to start again and discover that inner happiness, there are many opportunities out there for you.  Mercury may cause some problems here, as an argument with your boss acts as a catalyst for an important career move.  Uranus also opposes the Sun from this area between the 11th and 20th, a time of rebellion and hotheadedness; you need freedom to act as you wish during this period, but you will also feel irritable and impulsive and need to guard against making hasty decisions about your work.
Venus brightens up your domestic world after the 15th, and you should be getting on swimmingly with everyone under your roof after this date!  This is a fabulous time to build bridges with difficult family members as Venus smooths over all those prickly feelings.  The new Moon on the 19th is promising for making changes to your domestic surroundings too, the more creative the better.   Alterations to your family set up may also arise now, and with Uranus continuing to interfere, there could be a separation of some kind, which will initially cause some upset.  Ultimately, however, this goodbye is a positive one, as it will lead to a necessary new start for all concerned.  Pluto and Venus squaring up to one another after the 24th will also add a controlling partner into the mix; this person needs to be prevented from changing things around simply to suit their desire to have it their way.
Finally in October, the energy of the north node is pushing you to find a more independent way of paying your bills, as you find that sources of support which you have long relied on suddenly no longer seem to be working.  The south node draws you back to reliance on others such as credit cards and loans, a partner’s income, perhaps financial help from a relative.  These methods have all helped you in your time of need, but it’s time to go it alone now and find your sense of security in your own skills and abilities. It’s a difficult process and will require some financial sacrifice, but it will also be incredibly empowering for you.  Have a marvellous October! 

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2017-03-24 19:01:37
Thank you for your reading- it was uncannily accurate in many ways that you could never have deduced as it is a far from ordinary situation I am in. I have suffered all of the things you mentioned & in the way you mentioned them. I am now hoping the positive things highlighted in you readings, will come my way! Thank you!
2017-03-24 19:01:08
Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant reading - very nice, accurate and encouraging! The reading was amazing!
2017-03-24 19:00:39
Hey there! I just wanted to say that Whispering Spirits is fantastic! The readings that I receive by text are very accurate. They give me hope and restore my faith! That might sound cheesy but its true. If you havent contacted them, then you should! You have nothing to loose. lotsa love, light and hugs Jane xXx
2017-03-24 18:59:51
Many thanks for the email reading. It was incredibly accurate and extremely helpful and has certainly given me some things to think about. Many thanks for such an excellent reading- I shall certainly be returning in the near future!
2017-03-24 18:59:29
I wanted to thank Julia personally for her reading which is very accurate... I would not hesitate to have another reading with you in the future!
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