Pisces - December 2019


Hello Pisces!  Career matters continue to pre-occupy you in December, as the Sun and Mercury both head for your house of aspiration and ambition!  It’s a month for formulating plans and discussing your next move with those who support you, the days of the 10th to 22nd being especially favourable for talking yourself up and letting the big bosses know just how clever you are.  Mental concentration and work involving analysis, logical application and organisation will be your fortes now, and you will find it much easier to get yourself up to date on outstanding paperwork.  Neptune does throw working life slightly off kilter around the 3rd to 15th, as you struggle to assert your needs among pushy colleagues, and you might find yourself lost in the crowd at this time, just when you need to be standing out.  In some respects you are your own worst enemy here, inasmuch as your lack of belief in yourself will prevent you making dynamic decisions about your future.  Have a little faith in yourself and the universe will do the rest!

Jupiter steps into your house of friends on the 3rd, as he makes his first sign change in over a year, and this auspicious event sends some fabulously positive energy to friendship interactions, with Jupiter’s generosity, compassion and tolerance seeping in to both new and old social groups.  His connection with the Sun after the 23rd sends joyful friendship gatherings your way over the Christmas season, and right in the middle of this magical week is an important solar eclipse on the 26th, which will aspect both Jupiter and Uranus.  Look out for new, exciting and very original friends arriving in your world during the last days of the month;  these people are set to have a significant impact on your 2020, and you will be inspired by their unique and humanitarian take on life.

Neptune is plodding nicely along in your sign throughout December, where he persists in tampering with the energy levels of Pisceans born during the first week in March, as he hovers over your natal Sun.  For all fishes his square with the full Moon of the 12th is likely to create tension at home, as dithering family members struggle to make plans or commit themselves to a particular path. This might be a frustrating few days in relation to domestic communication.  He does form a rather nice connection with Mars from the 6th to 19th, which is excellent for psychic work and learning new subjects.  Lilith is also passing through this way until early 2020, and if your  birthday lies between the 12th and 19th of March, Lilith conjuncts your natal Sun until the end of the month, and you may find it even harder than other fishes to contain that stubborn need for independence at all costs. 

Expressing your needs and views is an unsettling business this month, with Uranus creating serious twists and turns in your house of communication.  Even if you didn’t intend it, you will probably find yourself in the middle of some rather contentious debates at this time, and you simply won’t know which way your conversations are going to go!  Uranus and Mercury do form a positive link after the 28th and into early January, excellent for generating inventive ideas for group activities with friends.  Uranus’s square with Venus after the 21st on the other hand, adds an uncertain feel to emotions in love interactions; this isn’t the best of times to make important choices about matters of the heart, you will surer after the 31st.  Have an enjoyable December! 

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2019-10-19 11:09:02

Wow, wow, wow.  I called to the universe from the depths of my soul and was guided to Ralph at Whispering Spirits. No words can describe the profound resonance I felt and continue to feel from this life changing reading.

Trust your instinct, trust in divine timing and open to receive the healing waves of guidance and wisdom that Ralph can offer. I highly recommend Ralphs readings to all seekers of the truth. Blessed Be! M.

2019-08-20 14:07:43

The reading provided me with clarification on current events in my life but made specific predictions about things moving forward. This guidance is exactly what I was looking for and has given me hope for what is to come in the near future. The reading was profoundly accurate about some of my previous experiences and very thorough which I really appreciated it. They allowed me to ask questions for further clarification so you're not left wondering what everything means. I found Whispering Spirits in a time that I feel I needed it most, Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us - love and light to you all! Y. R.

Y. R
2017-03-24 19:01:37
Thank you for your reading- it was uncannily accurate in many ways that you could never have deduced as it is a far from ordinary situation I am in. I have suffered all of the things you mentioned & in the way you mentioned them. I am now hoping the positive things highlighted in you readings, will come my way! Thank you!
2017-03-24 19:01:08
Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant reading - very nice, accurate and encouraging! The reading was amazing!
2017-03-24 19:00:39
Hey there! I just wanted to say that Whispering Spirits is fantastic! The readings that I receive by text are very accurate. They give me hope and restore my faith! That might sound cheesy but its true. If you havent contacted them, then you should! You have nothing to loose. lotsa love, light and hugs Jane xXx
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